What type of plastics go in the recycling bin? How to recycle plastics at home and on-the-go? Here are some tips.

Every single plastic bottle - each one of them - goes in the recycling bin.

Most plastic containers, including for products such as yogurt, biscuits, cream and condiments can be recycled.

Toss container lids and plastic bottle caps in the bin. Bottle caps are typically made from polypropylene plastic – it can be recycled into bike racks, storage bins, auto parts, and more.

Plastic grocery bags - including zipper bags - plus bags for newspapers, bread, produce and dry cleaning as well as plastic wraps from water bottles, napkins, diapers and many other products go into the recycling bin.

There are lots of recyclable plastics like shampoo and conditioner bottles, and containers for body wash, liquid soap and mouthwash in your bathroom; cleaning products and detergent in the laundry area; gardening and auto products in the garage.

Look out for public recycling bins at places such as malls, parks, stadiums and theatres. In case you can’t fine one, stash everything in a plastic bag and bring them back to your neighbourhood or home bin. It not only increases recycling but helpscut down on litter too.

Whenever possible, look out for products made with recycled plastics to prevent this valuable material from going to waste. Beverage bottles can be recycled into soft durable fabrics for stylish attires, yogurt cups can be turned into food storage containers and milk jugs into patio furniture.

Promote responsible fun by setting up a separate bin for guests to toss in the recyclables at your get-together and put an end to the guessing game.