Plastics are Hydrocarbons, a chemical compound made up of Hydrogen and Carbon atoms, found in various fossil fuels in the earth’s crust.
Plastics have many inherent advantages that make it a suitable material for a variety of uses across industries as well as our homes. Contrary to public notion, plastics are environment-friendly, 100% recyclable and actually help in conserving resources if used properly.
Plastics help us do more with less. Lightweight and strong, plastics improve the quality of life and contribute to sustainability in numerous ways.

They protect the environment by reducing waste, saving energy on the road, at work and at home.
Plastic packaging helps extend the shelf-life of fresh foods and beverages
Plastics allow for shipping more products with less packaging material,
reducing packaging and food waste.
Sealants, plastic insulation and other construction products make homes more energy efficient
while significantly bringing down heating and cooling costs.
Lightweight plastics in automobiles increase mileage, saving money on running costs.
Advanced materials in sterile plastics packaging and disposable medical items are making
healthcare more affordable, enabling doctors to save more lives.