Plastics are everywhere. And there’s good reason why. It’s a versatile material that has touched our lives in more ways than one. From the toothpaste tube almost all of us reach for first thing in the morning to the toothbrush we use before going to bed at night, plastics have become indispensable to our lives today. There are myths and misconceptions galore surrounding it primary among them being its adverse environmental effect. They deserve to be cleared once and for all.

Most of these claims are exaggerated, and often misleading. If handled carefully, plastics actually help conserve the environment, eliminate wastages, prolong the life of consumables, reduce fuel costs and do a lot more. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this ubiquitous material is the unparalleled degree of convenience it adds to everyday life. And that’s something very few materials can lay claim to. Let’s be friends with the ‘Wonder Material’ of the modern world.